Artwatch UK


ArtWatch International New York:
Director of ArtWatch International, Ruth Osborne, mail to:

ArtWatch Italia:
Piero Pierotti, President of ArtWatch Italia:
Gianni Bonato, Vice-President of ArtWatch Italia:

ARIPA (- the Association Internationale pour le Respect de l’Intégrité du Patrimoine Artistique):

Nuances, the Journal of ARIPA:

The Jackdaw – a newsletter for the visual arts:

ARCA ~ Association for Research into Crimes Against Art:

Selby Whittingham – The Independent Turner Society:

Arts Journal Daily Arts News – Visual:

ArtCyclopedia – Art News:

Save Britain’s Heritage:

Save our Parsonages:

INTBAU –International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism:

The Ancient Monuments Society:

The Church Monuments Society:

The Ruskin Society:

The William Morris Society:

The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society:

The Georgian Group:

The Art Students League of New York:

Nigel Konstam - a Rembrandt campaign:

The Art Tribune:

Culturegrrl – a cultural commentary:

David Packwood - an art history blog:

Plundered Art – A perspective from the Holocaust Art Restitution Project


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