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The Journal (formerly the ArtWatch UK Newsletter) is distributed free to all members of ArtWatch UK. Complimentary copies are sent to key politicians, arts administrators and opinion formers. For membership application details, see membership


Journal articles published since spring 2000 include:


Issue No 9

Can trustees be trusted? ” – (Dr) Selby Whittingham, Secretary-General, Donor Watch

Imperfect analysis deceives” – (the late) Anatoly Alyoshin, Professor of Restoration at the Russian Academy of Arts, St Petersburg

Changing Rooms” – Colin Wheeler, cartoonist and painter

Letter from Vermont” – (the late) Frank Mason, painter and a founder member of the International Art Preservation Society

ArtWatch UK Meeting” – (the late) Dachine Rainer, writer and poet


Issue No 10

Marks must be read” – Sargy Mann, painter

Saving Concepts or Materials? ” – Bryony Bery, sculpture conservator

The ‘Have You Seen It?’ Myth” – (the late) James Beck, Professor of Art History, Columbia University

The Fates of the Jesse Window” – Selby Whittingham

Asset Rippers” – Colin Wheeler

Louvre’s Veronese ‘spoilt by cleaning’” – Dalya Alberge, arts correspondent

False gods go unpunished” and “Why create a Bill of Rights for works of art?

–(Dr) Arcadi Nebolsine, cultural historian

Letter from Paros” – (Dr) James Russell


Issue No 11 (Rubens Special Issue No 1)

Rubens Reduced” – Michael Daley

Truth or Consequences” – James Beck

It ain’t Baroque” – Mark Taylor, design and production consultant


Issue No 12

Clamps off” – Mira Bar-Hillel, planning correspondent, the Evening Standard

Art’s ethical problems” – Anatoly Alyoshin

Divine theatres honour skies” – Arcadi Nebolsine

The Other Sculpture” – David Lee, editor, The Jackdaw

Against all odds” – Jessica Douglas-Home, author, painter


Issue No 13

The Magic Stains” – (Dr) Anton Glikin, classical architect

Leonardo Petition” – an open letter to the Superintendent of Art in Florence, from James Beck and forty other professors.

Leonardo’s Last Supper – Lost not Found” – Michael Daley

The Foundling Hospital and its Museum” – Selby Whittingham

Black is a colour – as is Grey” – Iain Walker, painter

The Beauty of Tone” – John Lessore, painter

Seeing Nature’s Palette” – (Professor) Roger Scruton, philosopher, composer

Delacroix’s forgotten warnings” – Michel Favre-Felix, painter, now president of ARIPA (Association Internationale pour le Respect de l’Intégrité du Patrimoine Artistique)


Issue No 14

Sir Ernst Gombrich OM” (Obituary) – Michael Daley

The Biter Bit: Ruskin and Turner’s Fading Watercolours” – Selby Whittingham

Vermeer’s Lost Jewels of Glazing” – Frank Mason

Spot the Mistakes” – restoration induced changes to Vermeer’s Girl with a Flute, Michael Daley


Issue No 15

Leonardo’s Adoration, the World Trade Towers and business as usual” – James Beck

Transporting Body and Soul” – Anton Glikin

The ArtWatch File (The restorations of: The Feast of the Gods, G. Bellini/Titian; Madame X, J. S. Sargent; and The Ambassadors, Holbein) – Michael Daley

The Louvre, Paris: An exemplary fight to preserve sauces and juices” – René Huyghe

The removal of a yellow toning glaze” – Barbara Bibb, painter/restorer

Velazquez’s Technique Laid Bare” – Alexander Zafiropulo


Issue No 16

Acid Bites” – Thi Minh Ngo

From Academicians to ‘Gallerists’” – Michael Daley

An Identity Restored” – Glynn Williams, Professor of Sculpture at the Royal College of Art

The Fate of the Parthenon Sculptures in Athens before and after Elgin” – Ellis Tinios

Turner and Girtin: A Postscript” – Selby Whittingham

Manipulating Sculpture’s Mugs” – Professor Michael Sandle R.A., sculptor

Letter from France” – Michael Fell, painter


Issue No 17

Cleaning St Paul’s Cathedral” – Florence Hallett, art historian

A Restoration Without End? Brancusi’s ‘Column’ in Târgu Jiu, Romania” – Eric Shanes, painter, art historian

The Conservation of the ‘Taddei Tondo’ by Michelangelo” – John Larson, (then ) Head of Sculpture and Inorganic Conservation at the Conservation centre, Liverpool

The Odd Couple” – Michael Daley (on two upgraded ‘Rubens’ attributions)


Issue No 18

The supposedly ‘model’ restoration of St Paul’s Cathedral” Part 1- Florence Hallett; Part 2 – Michael Daley

The age-defying stucco finishes of St Petersburg” – Anton Glikin

The Deconstruction of Pskov” – Irina B. Golubyeva, Chief Historian of Arts at the Pskov Institute, Russia

The New Consumer Restoration” – Anatoly Alyoshin


Issue No 19

Whitewashing St Paul’s Cathedral III” – Michael Daley

We ruined the Rembrandts ourselves – let’s not talk about it” – Alexander Eliot, author and former Time magazine art editor

A painter recalls” – 1 Frank Mason; 2 John Pittuck

Ship lost at Clark. Many records feared missing. Establishment unfazed” – Edmund Rucinski, painter, musician

Visit to the Tomb: The Deaths of Turner and his Works” – Selby Whittingham

Know how they were made” – Donald Fels, painter and period musical instrument maker

Letter from Athens” – Spiros Kalogeropoulos, member of the Committee for the Salvation of the Acropolis


Issue No 20

Stevens, Skanska, Salvo, Buggins and Prescott – A Betrayal of Heritage” – Mira Bar-Hillel

What price three mountains, a valley, an ancient town, a way of life and World Bank guidelines?” – Sherban Cantacuzino, founder and president of Pro Patrimonio

The restoration of a Transylvanian Clavichord” – Jessica Douglas-Home

Brighter than right” – Michael Daley on the declared “grand project to renew the Cathedral [of St Paul’s]”

Now you don’t see, now you did – what lies beneath ‘the weirdest Turner’” – Michael Daley

The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown USA

Blue, bluer, bluest” – Michael Price, painter

Surprises in Athens” – (Dr) Dorothy King, classicist


Issue No 21 Rubens Special Issue II)

The Samson and Delilah – a question of attribution” – (Dr) Kasia Pisarek, art historian and critic

‘Prove it!’ ~ When experts stand united” – Michael Daley


Issue No 22 (James Beck Memorial Issue)

Blockbuster Exhibitions: the Hidden Costs and Perils” – A Report: Michael Savage and Michael Daley

Obituaries from The Times (Michael Daley), The Guardian (Michael Savage), The Independent (Selby Whittingham)

Ruskin’s Sculptural Love” – (Dr) Cynthia Gamble, author, Secretary of the Ruskin Society

ArtWatch Post 9-11-2001James Beck, 2002

Abusing Barnes’s legacy” – Nick Tinari, patent attorney

Populism: The Living death of MuseumsDavid Lee

Appraising today’s appraisers” – Kasia Pisarek

A memorial address given on October 6 2005 for Peter Coker R. A.” – Frances Spalding, art critic, author


Issue No 23

The Unmitigated Disaster of the Diana Memorial Fountain” – Ivor Hall, architect

Amber Delight” – Donald Fels

The ArtWatch File: Restoration Injuries to Klimt” – Michael Daley

All that Glitters is not Art” – Arcadi Nebolsine

The Man who Re-invented the Louvre” – Kasia Pisarek

Good light. Bad light” – Michael Savage

Death of Venice” – Alexander Zafiropulo

Obituaries: Alex Thomson; Jack Millar; John Ward; R. B. Kitaj; James Beck


Issue No 24 (A special issue on the Fight to Save the Classical city of St Petersburg)

The Classical City of St Petersburg” – Anton Glikin

St Peter sburg Real Estate Development” – Carmen Román, architect/planner

The Destruction of Pennsylvania Station and the Salvation of Grand Central Station” – Frank Mason and Scott Mason, painters

A History of vandalism in St PetersburgVladimir G. Lisovsky, Professor of Architecture History, St Petersburg Academy of Arts

A Conversation with Clark McLain” – Anton Glikin

The Spirituality of Classic St Petersburg” – Arcadi Nebolsine

The Image of Atlantis from Plato to Krier” – David Watkin, Professor of the History of Architecture and Head of the department of Art history at Cambridge University

The Conservative Modernism of Delano and Aldrich” – Peter Pennoyer, classical architect, and Anne Walker, writer

The Berlin Palace Rises Again” – Genia Chef, artist and Fellow of the New Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg

A ‘Beaubourg-effect’ for the Imperial Fora in Rome!” – Léon Krier, architect and architectural theorist

Freedom and Order of Neo-Academism” – Alexander Medvedev, Professor of Visual arts at the St Petersburg State University

The Soviet Legacy and the 1996 International Summer Studio on St Petersburg” – Jean M. Verzhbitsky, leading architect of the Soviet era

Meeting of Minds” – Thomas Gordon Smith, Professor of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA

Timor Novikov and Neo-Academism” – Anton Glikin

St Petersburg – The Bobrinskoy Palace in the Life of Our Families” – Countess Tatiana Bobrinskoy, Grand Chancellor of The Sovereign Order of Orthodox Knights Hospitalier of St John of Jerusalem

Sculpture as Ornament” – John M. Kelly, classical sculptor

Arno Breker – Sculptor and Architect” – B. John Zavrel, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in the USA

Modernism’s secret passion?” – Michael Daley

Stop Gazprom from Devastaing the World Heritage Skyline of St Petersburg!” – An appeal from “Europa Nostra” to President Putin

A letter to the Governor of St Petersburg” – Professor Michael Petzet, President ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites)


Issue No 25

The Shock of the Old Country” – Nick Tinari

Undermining Amsterdam” – Maaike Dirkx, writer/researcher

On the Market” – Alexander Zafiropulo

Obituaries: Anatoly Alyoshin; Jack Cardiff; Frank Mason

Painting, the essential way” – Donald Fels

Restoration blues” – Michael Daley

Once, twice, thrice wrong” – Ellis Tinios


Issue No 26

Undoing, redoing, and re-redoing old masters” – Michael Daley

Razing Rosecrans House” – Edmund Rucinski

On their Travels” – Mark Zucker

On the Market” – Alexander Zafiropulo

The Elgin Marbles Dispute Part I: The Marbalistas and a perfect Leftist cause célèbre” – Michael Daley

Pricing the Masterly touch” – Kasia Pisarek